24 Jul

A Tripartite meeting with SPDC, NDDC was organised by the Bayelsa State Government with aim of keeping abreast with the state of affairs on critical infrastructure within the State.

Gov Dickson said, our objective as a Government is to embark on massive development projects, which will stand the test of time. He spoke on the massive construction work on-going at Oporoma, Ekeremkor and Agei, which represents the (West), While Yenagoa, Poloama, Oporoma and Kubei, which represents the (Central) is speedily taking form.

Speaking further, Gov Dickson emphasized on the need to solidify plans on the proposed crossover from the Atlantic to Brass, as well as the speedy completion of the roads which has already commenced. He said , the Nembe-Brass road is one very dear and important to this Government.

He said, a partnership will be established as a one-stop office that will be used to harmonise and collate all developmental needs of our people at various Communities, as well as efforts of intervention agencies as soon as it is set up. The Governor said, the aim of this, is to create a direct line of communication with communities and agencies, in order to prevent a duplication of effort.

More emphasis was laid on the timeline for the completion of the roads, which will be beneficial to the people of the State. Gov Dickson said, he runs an open door Government and would like to be briefed on challenges or constraints, if any, as Government is fully ready to assist in every way possible. He said, Government is interested in the Completion of the Nembe road in no distant time, as the take-off of the second Phase which is more critical, can then commence in earnest.

In his closing remark, Gov Dickson said, due to the costly nature of this project, Government will be working with the private sector in order to harmonise our various positions and roles, aimed at delivering this laudable project.


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