1 Oct

The Social Media wing of the Restoration Administration hereby felicitates with Governor Henry Seriake Dickson and his formidable ally Deputy Governor Gboribiogha John Jonah Rtd. on the occasion of the 17th anniversary of the creation of Bayelsa State.

Bayelsa State since creation has traveled a tortuous and languid road in search of good governance. It is a truism that past administrations had tried their best to place Bayelsa State on the map of the world, but none is as eventful as the Restoration Administration, which has not run its full course. We are delighted to note that within the short period of the administration, so many laudable policies and programmes have been implemented for the accelerated development of the State. We are particularly enamoured to the giant strides taken so far in Education, physical infrastructure, Tourism development, investment in security and the promotion of Ijaw culture, customs and traditions.

We of the Bayelsa Social Media Committee are able, ready and willing to use the social media infrastructure to:

Articulate the policies and programmes of Government

Publicize the policy thrust of government as encapsulated in the Restoration Article of Faith

Analyze government Policies and programmes in such a way as to enable stakeholders maximize the full benefits of the programmes

Defend what we feel is of the best interest of government through the instrumentality of the social media infrastructure

Encourage buy-in and ownership of the public of government policies and programmes and run with the vision of Restoration for rapid transformation of the State

Set the agenda of government and discuss the merits of the Restoration Agenda in the Public domain; and

Project the image of government through a well-articulated media strategy for proactive government-stakeholders’ engagement etc.

More than anything, Your Excellencies have shown us a road-map of where we are, where we intend to be and how to get there. This is the essence of visionary leadership.

As Bayelsa State turns 17 today, it is our wish and utmost desire that the lofty policies and programmes this administration has lined up are implemented to the letters through the able leadership of the helmsmen. Bayelsa State is destined to be great and Governor Dickson and his Deputy Governor Gbioribiogha John Jonah Rtd. have been entrusted with the historic responsibility of taking the State to the next level. This is the confidence majority of Bayelsans have reposed on the Restoration Administration, and we are happy that the administration is living up to expectation. God bless Bayelsa State.

Long Live the Bayelsa Social Media Committee!
Long Live Governor Henry Seriake Dickson!!
Long Live Bayelsa State!!!

Signed: Chairman
Bayelsa Social Media Committee
October 1, 2013


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