19 May


Every game on earth be it politics or statecraft has ground rules. In politics for instance, you discuss issues, policies and programmes and that is different from witch-hunting or peddling propaganda. Witch-hunting and misrepresentation of facts is the flipside of what democracy is all about. Ordinarily, one would have overlooked some false allegations levied in some quarters to bring Governor Seriake Dickson’s office and his person to disrepute, but there comes a time when it becomes compelling to lay the facts for people to see and allow them to make fair deductions, untainted by political idiosyncrasies or parochial self-interest. 

Since the Restoration Administration took the saddle, the song on the lips of everybody is transparency, accountability and prudence. It was for this reason government institutionalized the monthly Transparency Briefing Initiative to entrench public accountability in the State. The treasury was re-organized to block all financial leakages which had hitherto constituted a conduit-pipe in the past. Ghost workers were weeded out of the system and some job opportunities were created in a few sectors. These institutions have checked fraud and other sharp practices in the system. Our MoUs with foreign investors have reached an advanced stage in spite of the catastrophic plunge in the price of crude oil and its attendant spillover effect on project execution. 

Frankly, Governor Seriake Dickson has impeccable integrity in terms of good governance as translated in transparency, accountability and welfarism, including the provision of much-needed infrastructure in the State. His development strides are unprecedented and even ardent critics will attest to this fact. Against the background of his achievements, many organizations; local and international have adjudged Governor Seriake Dickson as the best in terms of peace and Security, transparency and accountability and prudence in the management of resources in Nigeria. 

To cut the cost of governance, Governor Seriake Dickson is the least traveled Governor in Nigeria. For the past eight to nine months, Governor Seriake Dickson has not traveled out of the shores of Nigeria. His trips to Abuja are predicated on the imperatives of assisting Mr. President and to shore-up the Peoples Democratic Party like other Governors who are faithful and steadfast to the ideals of the founding fathers of the PDP. 

In the same spirit of entrenching prudential ethics, during such travels, Governor Seriake Dickson and his aides stay in a rented apartment in Abuja. Those who know the Contriman Governor will attest to the fact that he even denies himself his legitimate entitlements in order to cut the cost of governance. It is for this reason that Bayelsa State is perhaps the only State where salaries are paid as and when due, while so many States in Nigeria are in salary arrears of several months. Some are even applying for a bailout as a panacea for covering up their extravagance. 

It is therefore absurd, unfounded and against commonsense for politicians seeking to score cheap political points to accuse Governor Seriake Dickson of frivolities- which is far from the pragmatic life style of the leader. Those who betrayed their conscience and stooped so low as to undermine their political party may be black sheep behind this wanton nugget of vile and unfounded criticism, which is out of touch with reality.  

Bayelsa peole should be rest assured that Governor Seriake Dickson will remain focused, determined and as resolute as ever to deliver the dividends of democracy even as the nation faces the harsh economic realities. He has already consummated his electoral promises to Bayelsa People. 

As a pragmatic and loyal Party man, Governor Seriake Dickson believes in Party discipline at all levels, as a precondition for entrenching internal democracy in PDP. He believes in the ideals of good governance and will continue to pursue them vigorously within the limits of available resources and the structures established to sustain democratic governance. At God’s appointed time, the elders and leaders of the Party and the people of Bayelsa State will determine the political future of the high performing Governor. 

Our advice is that politicians should discuss issues, policies and programmes as against playing politics of mudslinging and falsehood. Politics is guided by some ethical underpinnings and we should play our part to adhere to those ethical standards. “Let Bayelsans honour this prophet at home because he has given a good account of himself”. We should be realistic in our pursuit of power, because the ultimate use of power is to further the interest of the people but the unwarranted tirade and unfounded allegations against Governor Seriake Dickson most stop. 

May God bless Bayelsa State!

Barr. Osaro Ehis Osagie
19th May, 2015


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