1. To undertake fundamental reform of the governance culture to emphasize transparency, accountability, due process and value re-orientation by all institutions and functionaries of government
2. To use the common wealth of Bayelsans to fund the construction of good roads, promote tourism, generate wealth and develop agriculture
3. Massive investment in education, critical infrastructure, agriculture, health, as well as peace and security.
4. To invest in the development of other aspects of human capacity for our teeming youths, such that they will be able to unleash their creative capacities as well as enhance their drive for entrepreneurship.
5. free and compulsory education for all our children in primary and secondary schools with emphasis on computer literacy, science and technology.
6. Make all the necessary investment to create and sustain a secure society governed by the rule of law, to strengthen our consensus as a community to have zero tolerance for criminality and insecurity.
7. To review and emplace an institutional framework for promoting investments with the active collaboration of the private sector. So to the rest of the country and the world, we declare that the new Bayelsa State is ready to welcome genuine investors and investments in an atmosphere so convivial, that beyond rhetoric, Bayelsa will be your home away from home.
8. To make Bayelsa a foremost tourism and invest haven.


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